Roatan Aggressor, Honduras Bay Islands

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Summer-2017 specials start at $1,995 per person for seven nights.

Roatan’s reefs form part of the largest barrier reef in the Americas. The Mesoamerican reef extends from the northern tip of the Yucatan all the way south to the Bay Islands of Honduras. Roatan’s reefs are home to abundant corals including large stands of endangered elkhorn coral, colorful reef fishes, and shy sharks. The island’s vibrant sea grass beds are a nursery for beautiful juvenile fish and friendly flashing squid. The island has long been a premier diving destination and now the 18-passenger Roatan Aggressor live-aboard will provide divers unprecedented access to reefs surrounding the islands of Roatan, Utila, and Cayos Cochinos. The many dive sites such as Eel’s Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Coco’s Seamount combined with clear water will inspire underwater photographers and amaze marine naturalists. Diving daily, deluxe onboard accommodations, gourmet meals and snacks, soft beverages, and local alcohol are all included. Summer-2017 specials start at $1,995 per person for seven nights.

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