Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea: A Land of Painted Faces and Pygmy Sea Horses

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Facts and Figures

  • Getting there: Most flights connect through a gateway in Australia. From there, Air Niugini flies to Port Moresby, then to local destinations within the country.
  • Visas: Can be obtained on arrival in Port Moresby but must be paid for in kina. Exchange money in advance, or purchase the visa ahead of time to avoid delays at immigration.
  • Currency: One kina is about 33 cents U.S. Tipping is not customary or expected. Neither is bargaining, so expect to pay the asking price for native crafts.
  • Time zone: 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time; the same time zone as Sydney, Australia.
  • Electricity: 240 volts, 50 Hz, Australian plugs.
  • Languages: More than 700 languages are spoken in PNG.
    English and Pidgin are the ones most frequently encountered by tourists.
  • Climate: In most of the country the wet season is December to March, the dry season from May to October. It’s a tropical rain forest, so it just rains less in the dry season.
  • Health risks: Malaria and dengue fever. There should be no problem on a live-aboard, but check with your doctor and with Centers for Disease Control.