Behind the Lens

Mobula Rays

High On Contrast

In my early days as an underwater photographer I asked an experienced photographer if he ever created his images in black and white instead… Read more »

Don’t Overlook the Ordinary

The yellow tang is one of the more commonly
 encountered reef fish in Hawaii and many other parts of the tropical Western Pacific. On many dives yellow tang are too numerous to count.

The Sweet Taste of Success

This photograph of a hatching horn shark is one of my all-time favorites. First of all, capturing the moment is extremely rare. For this… Read more »

Shooting Splits

One of the more compelling types of images that underwater photographers create is known as a split. Captured by positioning the lens at the… Read more »

The Sunny Side

When in the water with large animals it can be challenging to think about photographic nuances, what with your heart pounding and adrenalin coursing… Read more »

Shooting Sea Turtles

Sea turtles make wonderful subjects. While some turtles are wary of divers, many allow a close approach as long as you move slowly and… Read more »