Scuba diving, like many recreational activities, is equipment-intensive. Recreational diving has grown from an obscure sport practiced by a small band of youthful and athletic adventurers into an activity enjoyed by millions around the world, of all ages, in all kinds of water. Increasingly sophisticated and reliable equipment, and the training to use it properly, are largely responsible for that growth.

Whether an item of dive gear is considered essential or desirable, each was conceived and developed to satisfy a definite need and perform a specific function. From regulator to dive computers, mask to fins, and buoyancy compensator to wet suit, recreational scuba equipment is purposeful, interesting to use, and a big contributor to the overall fascination and attraction of diving.

Acquiring your own dive equipment is a major factor in the enjoyment of the sport. You can rent gear at many dive destinations, but most divers prefer not to rely on the fit and availability of much-used (and hygiene-dependent) rental equipment for their personal safety and enjoyment of diving. Learn more about equipment below.