All Star Liveaboards - Bahamas

THE COUNTRY OF THE BAHAMAS is an archipelago of over 700 islands spanning over 500 miles from north to south. Over Labor Day weekend, Hurricane Dorian intensified, bringing devastation to the islands of The Abacos and Grand Bahama. While Grand Bahama and the Abacos are on restricted access, the rest of the Bahamas’ islands are open for business and welcoming tourists. One of the best ways a diver can help the Bahamas is by continuing to travel there to experience all they have to offer.

With All Star Liveaboards, you can choose how you want to live while you dive. From camping at sea aboard Blackbeard’s Cruises ($995) to the 12 passenger Cat Ppalu ($1,695) or the luxurious Aqua Cat (from $2,195). Trips depart weekly from Nassau to the Exuma Cays for some of the best diversity of diving in all the Caribbean. Enjoy wall dives, a blue hole, shark dive, reefs, wreck, night dives and a swift drift called the Washing Machine. The Aqua Cat, in addition to offering up to 26 dives per week, is one of the most non-diver friendly dive liveaboards around. You can take daily shore excursions to uninhabited islands, white sand beaches, snorkeling through mangrove channels, kayak, paddleboard or visit the famous swimming pigs.

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