What is it?

The Aqua Lung Phazer fin is made with elastomeric rubber sections of ribs that work together with the wave-shaped structures, accumulating (or loading) the energy of every kick that is released during the kick cycle. The effect is a solid, powerful yet easy kick. Tri-material construction optimizes every single area of the fin and the foot-pocket and the blade and side ribs are made with different specific advanced materials to get the best performance by better canalizing water during the primary and recovery portions of the kick cycle. The Phazer is equipped with a new bungee strap and heel-pad for quick and easy donning and doffing and available in small, regular and x-large.

Benefits to your diving:

The Phazer’s composite wave rib technology provides balance for divers, allowing them to produce powerful kicks with easy but energy-maximizing movements.

The engineered channel allows the water to flow through the blade, enhancing efficiency, power and stability, making the Phazer a good choice for both professional scuba divers and students.

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