Mares Loop 15x Regulator


Mares Loop 15x Regulator

What is it?

This is the first vertical regulator on the market. The “loop” portion of the name refers to the hose coming from the first stage, under the diver’s arm, and connecting to the second stage at the bottom between the twin exhaust ports making it ergonomic and streamlined. The second stage can be mounted on either the right or the left side allowing freedom of movement in all directions. It has an oversized silicone purge button covering a techno polymer balanced diaphragm. This innovative regulator design is also lightweight.

Benefits to your diving:

Because of the unique vertical hose design and ability to bring it from an “under the shoulder” position, the regulator is comfortable in all head directions. The twin exhaust ports allow the bubbles from your exhaust to flow up either side of your face rather than in front of your mask.

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