OMS Dry Suit

OMS Dry Suit

What is it?

An Ocean Management Systems (OMS) dry suit made with DUI materials. “Our goal with the OMS dry suit is to provide DUI-quality materials and workmanship in an ‘off-the-rack’ dry suit,” said DUI president & CEO, Susan Long. DUI acquired OMS last year. The OMS dry suit is available in men’s stock sizes in S, M, L, XL, XXL; uses DUI patterns to ensure a quality fit; and includes other DUI features, such as Silicone ZipSeals™ on the neck and wrist. Other features include front-entry zipper with telescoping torso, trilaminate material made with polyester/butyl rubber/polyester, black with red accent stitching, warm neck collar, and large cargo pockets.

Benefits to your diving:

Any new offering from DUI deserves a close look and combining features from two respected labels makes for an even more intriguing offering.

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