Sea&Sea’s MDX-D500

Sea&Sea’s MDX-D500

What is it?

Underwater camera housing for the Nikon D500 HDDSLR camera. The housing is an upgrade from its predecessor, the MDX-D300, and includes compatible internal Optical YS Converter versus the external TTL converter connector of the MDX-D300. The Internal Optical YS Converter offers the functionality of a sync cord system while simultaneously offering the benefits of a fiberoptic system by converting the camera’s TTL signal into a light signal. This design reduces possible leak points by eliminating the use of threaded bulkheads while allowing for rapid fire and a reduced recycle time by linking directly to the camera through the hot shoe.

The MDX-D500 housing also has redesigned levers and luminescent buttons that increase their visibility while shooting in low light conditions.

Benefits to your diving

The MDX-D500 reduces the chances for leakage, allows for rapid fire and reduced recycle time, all of which improves your chances for capturing the “perfect” photo.

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