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Due to COVID-related dive store closures and advertising suspensions, Dive Training is on a temporary hiatus. We will resume accepting subscriptions as things open up. We very much look forward to resuming year #30 of diving’s educational magazine.

If you’d like to receive or renew Dive Training, simply complete the fields at the left and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form, or call toll free 1-800-444-9932. We will start or renew your subscription immediately.

If you are a diver who wants to learn more about safe diving and diving’s environments, you will find Dive Training packed full of useful and interesting information.

Dive Training is a bi-monthly publication. Annual newsstand cost is $29.70. Subscribe or renew today at a one-year subscription price of $17.95. Please allow 30 to 60 days for delivery of first issue.

Outside US and US Territories: If you live in Canada, postage is $9 per year. If you live in any other foreign country postage is $15 per year.


Print subscribers can now order additional access to Dive Training on Apple and Android devices, and Kindle Fire. Add $4 for a one year digital subscription, $7 for a two year subscription and $9 for a three year subscription.

Digital subscriptions may take up 5 business days to be activated.

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