TUSA Intega Mask


TUSA Intega Mask

What is it?

With years of research, TUSA has developed an innovative mask skirt that adapts to your face by using 3D SYNC technology, with a fitting ring that adapts to the user’s face, creating a seal like no other mask. Large or small, wide or narrow, long or short, the TUSA Intega has got you covered.

Benefit to your diving:

TUSA has developed a unique Fitting Ring that has been built into the Mask Skirt. This technology enables the Mask Skirt to mold to all face shapes providing the ideal fit, seal and underwater experience. Freedom Dry enhances comfort and fit by utilizing a revolutionary low friction skirt surface. TUSA M2004 mask boasts a 20% wider field of view than other masks due to its unique position of the mask lens and low volume design.

Visit https://tusa.com/us-en/TUSA/Masks/Intega to learn more and find a dealer near you.