Inside the September/October 2019 Issue

In this issue: Sharks! Shark tourism, Sharks in NOAA sanctuaries, SoCal’s largest shark, danger and your mind, and more! Explore the September/October 2019 issue...

September/October 2019 - Dive Training Magazine

In this issue: Sharks! Shark tourism, Sharks in NOAA sanctuaries, SoCal’s largest shark, danger and your mind, and more! Explore the September/October 2019 issue below. Check the issue out in the Dive Training app for an interactive experience.

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Shark Diving as a Conservation Strategy How Shark Tourism is Protecting Global Shark Populations
By Alex Brylske
It probably comes as no surprise to any diver today that shark diving is now a major feature of the dive tourism industry. At last count more than 80 dive operations in 30 different countries are now devoted exclusively to shark encounters, and more than 200 more offer some form of shark or manta ray experience in addition to their regular itinerary. This article points out the positive impact shark diving is having on saving sharks from being fished for their fins.

Sharks in NOAA Sanctuaries: A Study in Diversity and Adaptability
By Elizabeth Weinberg
Big Shark, Big Question Marks: Unraveling the Secrets of Southern California’s Largest Shark
By Pike Spector
These two reports on sharks are part of our ongoing “Sanctuaries at Sea” series
highlighting the wonders of NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries.

Risky Business: How We Perceive Danger in the Depths
By Robert N. Rossier
Every aspect of our sport is about risk — understanding it, mitigating it, equipping for it, managing it. In this article, the author explains just what risk is, how to recognize it, what it does to our minds and bodies and how honing our risk assessment and situational awareness skills can make us safer divers.


Editorial: Making a Comeback
By Cathryn Castle Garcia

Buddy Lines

Say Cheez

Dive Observer: Agencies Strive to Retrieve Abandoned “Ghost” Fishing Gear
By Betty Orr

No Dumb Questions: Sea Jellies as a Supplement, Underwater Communication and Tips for Selecting a Dive Mask
By Robert N. Rossier


Dive Geo: Spoiler Alert: Exploring the “Unspoiled” Caribbean Island of Saba
By Lois Hatcher

Destination News: What’s happening at diving hotspots
Compiled by Betty Orr

Passport: Dive travel deals from all over
Compiled by Betty Orr

Dive USA: Highlighting North American diving
Compiled by Betty Orr


Scuba Skills: Bring Your Own Buoy: Tips for Deploying a Surface Marker Buoy
By Barry and Ruth Guimbellot

Instructor Tips: Safety Tips from Sky to Sea: What Pilots Can Teach Us About Pre-Dive Preparation
By Greg Laslo

Always Learning: Gifted: How the Gift of a Scuba Mask Started a Career
By Marty Snyderman

Dive Shop
Compiled by Betty Orr

What’s That?: The “Runner-Up” Sharks: The Basking Shark, Shortfin Mako and Blue Shark
By Marty Snyderman

Behind the Lens: Add a Diver for Perspective
By Marty Snyderman

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Final Check: What It Looks Like When…You Don’t Let Your Fins Trip You Up
By Barry and Ruth Guimbellot