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Here’s a look at what you’ll find between the covers of the March/April 2017 issue.


The Challenges of Being a Sirenian: A Closer Look at Manatees and Dugongs
By Chris Huss

A Loose Cannon, a Dead Horse and the Devil to Pay: Seafaring Words In Everyday Speech
By Linda Lee Walden

Sanctuaries at Sea: New England’s Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
By Matthew Lawrence


Editorial: In Between
By Cathryn Castle Garcia

Buddy Lines

Dive Observer: Cargo Vessel Newest Texas Dive Site
By Gene Gentrup

No Dumb Questions: Finding a Buddy, Life Spans of Sharks, and Redundant Air
By Robert N. Rossier


Dive Geo: Exploring America’s Pacific Northwest: The San Juan Islands
By Chris Huss

Passport: Dive travel deals from all over
Compiled by Gene Gentrup

Diving USA: Dive travel opportunities across America


Scuba Skills: Getting the Water Out: Mastering the Mask Clearing Skill
By Barry and Ruth Guimbellot

Instructor Tips: Attention, Retention and Accident Prevention: Tips for Making Knowledge Stick
By Robert N. Rossier

Always Learning: Coming Into Focus In the Coral Triangle: On Photographs, People and Perspective
By Marty Snyderman

Dive Shop
Compiled by Gene Gentrup

What’s That?: Sea Urchin Appreciation: In Praise of Mother Ocean’s Pincushions
By Marty Snyderman

Behind the Lens: Focus In On Focusing Options
By Marty Snyderman

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Final Check: What It Looks Like When…You Hold the Line
By Barry and Ruth Guimbellot

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March-April 2017 Dive Training coversThe Covers

By Cathryn Castle Garcia and Guilherme Garcia

In this month’s cover feature, “The Challenges of Being a Sirenian: A Closer Look at Manatees and Dugongs,” we learn the natural history of these gentle “so ugly they’re cute” creatures, and why the life of a sirenian isn’t always easy.


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