What is it?

The Aquatica Monitor 5HD provides full HD 1920 x1080 resolution on a 5.7 inch IPS (in-plane switching โ€” a screen technology for liquid-crystal displays) LED-Backlit Display. The monitor image can be flipped horizontally, vertically or both simultaneously. It supports focus peaking and false color to assist in focusing and proper image exposure and has adjustable color temperature. Specifications are 460 cd/m2 brightness, 1400:1 contrast ratio and the housing accepts 4K HDMI input. It has up to four hours running time when using a NP-770 battery. The aluminum housing is rated for 100 meters, is positively buoyant, is available in black or red and, using the 16 mm bulkhead, it is compatible with housings by other manufacturers. Included with the monitor is an HDMI cable, quick release ball, screen shade and housing bulkhead with your choice of Type A, C, or D HDMI connector.

Benefits to your diving:

The Aquatica Monitor 5HD provides a larger view than what is available with a standard camera viewfinder or rear LCD giving the underwater photographer the ability to see their work in high definition. This will allow the photographer to make on the spot corrections to their images, saving time and enhancing opportunities.

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