Aria Snorkeling Mask by Ocean Reef

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Aria Snorkeling Mask by Ocean Reef

What is it?

The Aria Snorkeling Mask is a full-face mask with integrated snorkel for use exclusively when snorkeling. It is not for use while scuba diving. With Aria, you breathe through your nose, eliminating the need for a mouthpiece. The dry top with the ball float system prevents water from getting in the snorkel. The breathing circulation inside the mask’s frame eliminates fogging in the viewing area. Also, the Aria is equipped with a dock for a sport camera (which is not included) to enable you to record your experience, hands-free. It comes in several colors and sizes and the field of vision is greater than 180 degrees.

Benefits to your diving

Because there is no snorkel mouthpiece, there is no jaw fatigue. And because of the design, there is no fogging to interfere with your enjoyment of the exceptionally large field of view.

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