Tusa’s M-1003 Freedom Elite


Tusa's M-1003 Freedom Elite

What is it?

A single-lens dive mask built with TUSA’s Freedom Technology. The single-lens mask provides a clear, wide view underwater and the Freedom Technology features a dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thicknesses and stability ridges in addition to a proprietary low-friction skirt surface on the fitting line. Together they provide a comfortable fit and impressive performance. Another feature is the buckle system, which rotates a full 180 degrees to accommodate varying head sizes for optimum fit. The thin frame and rotation of the buckle allows the mask to be folded into a compact size. The M-1003 is available in Black, Bougainvillea Pink, Cobalt Blue, Fishtail Blue, Flash Yellow and Light Blue.

Benefits to your diving:

The single-lens mask gives you a clearer view underwater because it reduces the chance you’ll pick up part of the mask frame in your peripheral vision. The Freedom Technology provides a comfortable fit where you need it most.

For more information about the M-1003 Freedom Elite or to contact the nearest TUSA dealer, call 800-482-2282 or visit tusa.com.