What is it?

The Atomic Aquatics ScubaHeat System heats up the cold breathing air from your tank and warmer breathing air helps maintain the body’s core temperature, allowing a diver to be more comfortable on cold water dives. The heating system increases the breathing gas temperature from -6 degrees Fahrenheit (-21 degrees Celsius) to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius). The heat-exchanging coil is made of a special thermally conductive and corrosion-resistant copper nickel alloy and will not reduce air flow or otherwise degrade regulator performance. ScubaHeat ensures your second stage regulator stays protected from freezing and free flow even in extremely cold conditions. There are two additional warm outlets for dry suit, inflator or octopus use.

Benefits to your diving:

The Atomic Aquatics ScubaHeat System is a personal thermal protection device for you and your regulator. When you attach it to your regulator, it heats up the cold air from your tank, so you feel warmer during every dive allowing you to spend more time enjoying your dive. And because the air is warmed, it effectively prevents second stage freeze-up making it safer to dive in extreme conditions.

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