SANTI Diving’s Magic Rings


SANTI Diving’s Magic Rings

What is it?

A system of rings and dry gloves assembly for dry suits that serves as a multifunctional tool, and provides comfort for divers before, during and after a dive. Even for divers using a system that does not require the use of rings, Magic Rings can be a very useful tool in many diving situations, such as self-repair of a damaged seal, assembly of a dry glove with a seal or facilitation of putting on a glove with an integrated seal. One Magic Rings set includes two rubber protective rings, two small oval rings, two big oval rings, two red O-rings, two big black O-rings, two gray O-rings, two yellow O-rings and two small black O-rings.

Benefits to your diving:

Preparations for diving will be faster and easier, and a broken seal will no longer be a barrier to diving.

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