What is it?

A natural blend made of olive oil and tea tree oil that users spray into their outer ear to prevent trapped water and swimmer’s ear. Unlike alcohol-based products that are used to remove water after it is already trapped, the metered spray, a dose of 0.05 milliliters, coats the auditory canal, creating a water-resistant barrier. The all-natural and organic oils carry anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-infection properties. EarShield is also billed as hypoallergenic. Each bottle contains 200 applications and has a three-year shelf life. EarShield has been approved by the FDA for use by adults and children (2 years and older). In addition, the product is packaged into an injection-molded carrying case with a resealable lid. This allows the product to be carried in dive bags, swim bags, pool or beach bags without a chance of being accidentally dispensed. The case is water-resistant and designed to float if dropped into the water.

Benefits to your diving:

Water that remains in your ear after diving, snorkeling or any other water activity is annoying and can promote the growth of bacteria and trigger an infection in the outer ear canal. The all-natural ingredients of EarShield act as an invisible ear plug to prevent that from happening and the hypoallergenic properties reduce the possibility of a negative allergenic response. EarShield also comes compact for easy transporting with little or no chance for leakage.

For more details about EarShield or to contact the nearest dealer, call 310-832-4363.