Divers Alert Network’s New Trip and Annual Travel Insurance Plans


Divers Alert Network’s New Trip and Annual Travel Insurance Plans

What is it?

A new product from a company that for more than 30 years has specialized in emergency travel assistance services. Divers Alert Network’s (DAN) new plans offer enhanced levels of coverage for unforeseen travel events. DAN’s new Trip Insurance provides travel protection for a special dive trip and features coverage for emergency assistance and transportation, medical and dental emergencies, trip interruption and cancellation, as well as loss or delay of baggage and sports equipment. DAN’s new Annual Travel Insurance plan is suited for divers who take multiple trips throughout the year and includes emergency assistance and transportation coverage, medical and dental coverage, baggage protection plus trip interruption and cancellation coverage. The rates vary depending on age and number of people traveling.

Benefits to your diving:

Besides covering your dives with DAN Dive Accident Insurance, DAN can also help you be prepared for the unexpected and cover your whole adventure with Trip and Annual Travel insurance plans. You can protect against select events and minimize the expenses associated with unexpected situations, such as emergency medical care, trip cancellation or interruption costs, rental car damage and lost baggage.

Both travel insurance plans can be purchased online at DAN.org/travel and divers can generate an instant quote with DAN’s Web application.