FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog by Treaty Biotech


FogKicker Dive Mask De-fog by Treaty Biotech

What is it?

FogKicker is a high-performance anti-fog solution. The marker-style applicator makes it easy to apply to the glass of dive masks and swim or ski goggles. The coating uses advanced biopolymers that, according to its developer, provide 10-times more water-resistance than any other anti-fog solution on the market. A single coating goes on clear, dries in minutes and prevents fog through multiple dives. The biodegradable and non-irritating anti-fog solution was developed in a university research lab and is made in the USA.

Benefits to your diving

One application of FogKicker keeps your mask free of fog for several dives without the need to reapply. FogKicker is biodegradable so you can use it without fear of negatively impacting the environment.

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