What is it?

A waterproof case that protects your electronics while diving and still allows you to use your phone’s touch screen. And the crystal-clear covering makes taking pictures a cinch. The DryCASE uses vacuum-seal technology to ensure a watertight seal. The DryCASE comes with a small hand pump, neoprene armband and a lanyard. The DryCASE Works with any phone or MP3, and has been tested to a depth of 100 feet (30 m) for one hour.

Benefits to your diving:

The DryCASE allows divers to take their cellphone with them underwater instead of leaving them behind where it can be exposed to theft. Better yet, it allows divers to use some of the features of their cellphone.

For more information about the DryCASE, or to contact your nearest dealer, call 888-600-0379 or go to drycase.com.