SeaLife’s Hand-and-Arm Strap

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SeaLife’s Hand-and-Arm Strap

What is it?

A hands-free mount that securely holds Sea Dragon 650 and 600 compact lights or other dive accessories. Made of a durable nylon construction with soft, comfortable neoprene lining, the hand and arm strap provides a grip diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) and a secure, slipproof mounting surface. Whether you favor your left or right hand, no worries. The hand-and-arm strap is ambidextrous.

Benefits to your diving:

The hand-and-arm strap provides a simple yet innovative way to tote a small dive light or any other small accessory you might want to bring along on your dive.

For more details about the hand-and-arm strap or to contact the nearest SeaLife dealer, call 800-257-7742 or check out