Wyland Scuba Cylinder


Wyland Scuba Cylinder

What is it?

A joint effort of Sherwood Scuba, Catalina Cylinders and the Wyland Foundation to raise money for the nonprofit Wyland Foundation.

Through its authorized dealers, Sherwood Scuba is offering a limited-edition scuba cylinder with a lithograph of an octopus that marine artist Wyland painted at the 2016 DEMA Show, an annual dive industry trade event. The cylinders will be sold through dive retailers across North America. Proceeds will support the Wyland Foundation’s efforts on ocean conservation. The cylinder will come with a Sherwood Scuba valve and a certificate of authenticity.

Since its inception in 1993, the Wyland Foundation has helped children and families to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education and live events. The foundation gives children the tools they need to become more creative, positive and solution-oriented. The foundation has worked directly with more than 1 million children.

Benefits to your diving

A limited-edition Wyland Scuba Cylinder would be a cool addition to anyone’s complement of dive equipment but buying the autographed cylinder also means educating kids — future divers — about why the ocean matters.

For more information about the Wyland Scuba Cylinder, or to contact Sherwood Scuba or Catalina Cylinders, visit sherwoodscuba.com/tanks_and_valves/wyland_cylinder, catalinacylinders.com or wylandfoundation.org/.