Eezycut Trilobite


Eezycut Trilobite

What is it?

A cutting tool with an ergonomic design that affords more protection for the user than traditional dive knives. The Eezycut Trilobite is rated to slice line 8 millimeters thick but can work through a thickness of 12 millimeters, its manufacturer says. The Trilobite cuts best when tension is in the line. It uses a 440a stainless steel grade, which holds an extremely sharp edge, while holding strong corrosive properties. Blades that lose their edge or start to corrode can easily be replaced to ensure you have the sharpest, cleanest cut in the water. Washing in fresh water after diving is recommended for all stainless steel knives and blades. All stainless steel used in salt water needs to be treated with care. Carefully coating any stainless steel blade in normal divers silicone grease prior to saltwater usage significantly prolongs the life of the blade.

Benefits to your diving:

As opposed to open-faced dive knives, the Trilobite offers divers a safer alternative, while still delivering an easy, clean and efficient cut, making it an attractive emergency cutting tool.

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