Desert Star Systems’ New Design For DiveTracker™ Sport


Desert Star Systems’ New Design For DiveTracker™ Sport

What is it?

A new black casing design for Desert Star Systems’ underwater navigation product. A proven transmitter/receiver system for the last 20 years, the DiveTracker Sport is known for its familiar gray housing. Divers can use the system to reach underwater locations, locate their instructor or navigate back to the dive boat. The Sport is operable from distances as far away as 4,000 (1,212 m) feet and depths to 1,000 feet (303 m), and its bright LED (light-emitting diode) lights make it easily readable in low-visibility conditions.

Benefits to your diving:

Divers interested in a new look for a proven underwater navigation product should check out this new offering. Safely and efficiently navigating your way underwater reduces stress, makes the most of every dive and gets you back safely.

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