PolarPro’s PowerGrip H2O and Trippler

PolarPro's PowerGrip H2O and Trippler

What is it?

A waterproof, battery-integrated extension pole/selfie stick capable of live-charging a GoPro camera to 99 feet (30 m) of depth. An accessory to the PowerGrip H2O is a three-in-one compact grip/extension pole/tripod called the Trippler. PowerGrip H2O’s built-in 6,700 mAh lithium battery provides up to 12 hours of shooting and with the add-on Waterproof Live Charging Kit can be taken underwater. The optional Waterproof LED Light Bar offers a streamlined 450-lumen lighting solution for scuba diving or night filming.

Crafted from durable glass-filled nylon, the PowerGrip H2O extends from its lightweight (9.5 ounces [266 grams]) and compact 11-inch (28 cm) battery-integrated base grip, to 22- and 33-inch (56 and 84 cm) configurations (15-ounce [420 grams] total weight). Additional integrated features include a built-in quarter-inch 20 tripod mount, a removable quick-release mount compatible with PolarPro’s StrapMount system (which securely attaches directly to a buoyancy compensator), and a selfie mount compatible with most popular smartphone models.

Benefits to your diving:

GoPro cameras are notorious for their short battery life. The PowerGrip H2O and Trippler allow fans of the GoPro to use their device underwater for longer periods and move their camera closer to their subjects.

For more information about the PowerGrip H2O and Trippler, or to contact the nearest PolarPro dealer, go to polarprofilters.com.