Ideations/DiveAlert Buddy-Watcher


Ideations/DiveAlert Buddy-Watcher

What is it?

A silent electronic device that enables divers to communicate quickly and easily with a push of a button. The Buddy-Watcher uses an intuitive interface that is quick and easy to link between your buddy, dive group, dive leader and you. If you need to get the attention of a buddy, push the call button and the receiving unit vibrates while also lighting up the display. You can charge the unit with a supplied USB cable and charging clip.

Benefits to your diving:

The Buddy-Watcher helps you get the attention of your dive buddy or dive group. No more banging on tanks. It is also a means of communication that, as a preventive system, helps make sport diving safer.

For more information about the Buddy-Watcher, contact your nearest DiveAlert dealer or email