Intova ConneX

Intova ConneX

What is it?

A proprietary underwater camera/cable system that delivers live video output and 12-volt power input up to 300 feet (91 m) underwater. Via a waterproof cable port, the Intova ConneX action camera can be connected to the user’s monitor of choice above water. The cable’s power supply allows continuous recording without battery limitations. The ConneX is designed for environments that demand extended camera operating life and live viewing. The ConneX camera itself features 1080-pixel high-definition video capability, with selectable live feed outputs in VGA (video graphic array) or high-definition mode. Remove the cable and ConneX performs as a standard action camera with a built-in LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen. A splashproof remote allows control of the camera in hard-to-reach mounting locations. The camera is waterproof to 330 feet (100 m).

Benefits to your diving:

The ConneX is unusual in that it provides live imagery from a waterproof camera. If you want to examine the conditions underwater before jumping in, the ConneX provides an intriguing option. The power input means the system can avoid the limits of battery life.

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