NERD 2 Dive Computer, Shearwater Research


NERD 2 Dive Computer, Shearwater Research

What is it?

The NERD 2 dive computer by Shearwater Research Inc. has the first near eye remote display and is designed for enhanced flexibility and reliability. The universal regulator mount allows divers to secure the NERD 2 to their mouthpiece so that their information is visible with a glance of the eye. The display is a combination Micro LCD and magnifying lens, causing it to appear as if you were looking at a 25-inch monitor 12 feet (3.6 m) away. The display is unobtrusive as it virtually disappears when you look straight ahead. The NERD 2 has a two-button interface, with an intuitive menu structure and customizable display. A state of the art integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for the battery box making the NERD 2 Shearwater’s most compact design yet. The NERD 2 ships standard with the recharging clip, USB cable and charging bank. Users can expect a minimum of 18 dive hours, on medium brightness, from a fully charged NERD 2 and five charges from the charge bank. The NERD 2 also has wireless air integration for use with the Shearwater PPS transmitter and has the ability to monitor two tanks and provide gas time remaining (GTR) information for one tank. The NERD 2 is compatible with Shearwater Cloud and Shearwater Desktop as well. Full technical specifications for the NERD 2 are available at

Benefits to your diving

The NERD2 allows you to monitor your dive status continuously while leaving your hands free for other tasks.

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