Scubapro’s Mantis 1.0


Scubapro’s Mantis 1.0

What is it?

A wristwatch-style dive computer with Human Factor Diving™, a Scubapro approach to equipment design that combines human factors and ergonomics (an engineering doctrine that focuses on the interaction between products and the people who use them), biometrics (the science of measuring and analyzing a person’s biological data), and wearable technology (gear designed to be worn on the body) to create high-tech scuba diving products that are compact, easy to use and, most importantly, provide detailed “real time” self-tracking reports on how your body is functioning, both on the surface and at depth. Mantis also lets you know when you’re overexerting or underexerting, and it alerts you to potential problems before they escalate into major events. In short, this self-tracking helps increase diving performance and decrease injury, and that boosts confidence.

Benefits to your diving:

Instead of a one-size-fits-all instrument that delivers the same basic computations whether it’s used by a 25-year-old dive instructor or a 55-year-old novice diver carrying a couple of extra pounds around the waist, the Mantis is customized for each diver.

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