Scubapro Mantis 2


Scubapro Mantis 2

What is it?

A wristwatch-style dive computer that doubles as a fitness device. Divers will like the M2’s hoseless air integration, electronic navigation, and biometrics through Human Factor Diving — it’s the only dive computer to include skin temperature, breathing rate and heart rate in your diving algorithm. The M2 also comes with a maximum operating depth of 394 feet (119 m). It sports four underwater modes: Scuba, Gauge, Freediving and CCR. It can accommodate three gas mixes, plus offers a fixed algorithm for closed-circuit rebreather diving. The M2 also comes with a full dive planner and countdown timer in Scuba mode.

Benefits to your diving:

The M2’s biometrics qualities alert you when you’re overexerting, enabling you to avoid problems before they escalate into more serious issues.

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