What is it?

The Sherwood Wisdom 4 computer is an air-integrated console. With the easy to read large characters and intuitive two-button navigation, the Wisdom continues its diver friendly presentation. The most significant upgrade to the Wisdom 4k from previous iterations is Bluetooth integration to DiverLog+. This integration eliminates the need for a connecting cable to your laptop or desktop. It is accomplished by synching your smartphone to the Wisdom 4, allowing you to upload all your settings into the Wisdom 4 or download all your dives to the DiverLog+ App. The dive time remaining function calculates and displays the dive time remaining based on current air consumption rates and the available no decompression time remaining. Other features include a deep stop reminder (safety stop at half the depth in dives exceeding 80 feet [24.4 m]); audible and visual alarms; decompression warnings and calculations; repetitive dive planning; provides simulated dives and has automatic altitude adjustment up to 14,000 feet (4,267 m). The Wisdom 4 operates in air, nitrox or gauge modes and either in imperial or metric forms. It also has user replaceable batteries.

Benefits to your diving:

The Sherwood Wisdom 4 computer with Bluetooth allows you to manage your dive information using your smartphone without needing any additional cables. The large characters enables a diver to easily view their settings and the audible alarms remind you of where you are in your dive in case you become distracted by the view around you.