What is it?

The HUD is a technologically-advanced heads up display dive computer designed with three different display settings showing your depth, total dive time, leg timer depth, compass, water temperature, battery voltage or local time and maximum depth. to provide you with accurate depth, time, gas and decompression information — depending on your choice. Switch between displays with the single-knob user control and make adjustments with just one hand. The Galileo HUD comes with a wireless transmitter that uses LED lights to visually display your tank pressure level while also sending it to the dive computer.

It is designed to be mounted on a diving mask in very close proximity to the human eye. A person with normal vision is able to focus on objects starting from a distance of approximately 20cm. Since the micro OLED screen of the HUD is positioned much closer than 20cm, specially developed optics are required to be able to read the screen clearly. These multi-lens optics create an image of the micro OLED screen at a virtual distance of approximately 39 inches (1 m). This enables the diver to read the dive data on the screen and also maintain eye contact with his or her surroundings without having to continually adjust and readjust focus. (The size of this image is about 30x20cm2, enabling it to be easily read by divers with normal vision.) The Galileo HUD runs on a user-replaceable CR2450 lithium battery that lasts three years or 150 to 200 dives.

Benefits to your diving:

The ScubaPro Galileo HUD gives the diver a hands-free experience. It enables you to stay connected to your dive data at all times without ever looking down. This enables you to focus on your photography, your surroundings or on your other technology.

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