SCUBAJET Diver Propulsion System


SCUBAJET Diver Propulsion System

What is it?

SCUBAJET is a small multipurpose diver propulsion jet engine. Using the various adaptor kits it can also be attached to a canoe, stand up paddle (SUP) board, kayak or dinghy to get you to your destination faster and with less effort. The 22 inch (56 cm), 2.8 inch (7.2 cm) diameter jet engine weighs just 6.6 pounds (3 kg) and generates 44 pounds (20 kg) of thrust. According to the manufacturer, that package adds up to enough power to provide you seven to nine miles per hour (11.3 to 14.5 km/h) of speed. It has three manual speed levels, and smart power technology allowing the performance to adjust dynamically and give a battery life up to six hours. They also provide a travel battery pack consisting of 2x160wh batteries so that it can adhere to airport security regulations.

Benefits to your diving

With an underwater propulsion vehicle that is this small and lightweight, it is about convenience. Using the SCUBAJET you can get to your diving destination and cruise using less energy, leaving you more time to enjoy your dive. And if the weather changes abruptly when using your SUP board or kayak, it can get you back to shore quickly.

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