SeaLife’s New Sea Dragon Lighting Line


SeaLife’s New Sea Dragon Lighting Line

What is it?

Advancements in Sea Dragon lighting equipment that lets underwater photographers and videographers using a wide camera lens (like those on the SeaLife Micro HD or GoPro) illuminate an entire frame. Divers exploring wrecks and reefs can reveal their surroundings in stunning full color and vibrant detail, day or night. The line of new Sea Dragon lights provides compact light heads, high power with long burn time, and versatility, SeaLife says. The Sea Dragon 2500 (lumens) not only shines across an ultrawide 120-degree beam, but uses flat-panel COB (chips on board) LED (light-emitting diode) array technology to mimic natural sunlight. The all-in-one lighting solution, the Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam, includes a 2100-lumen, 100-degree flood beam and a concentrated 800-lumen, 15-degree spot beam — all in the same compact light head. The Sea Dragon Mini 650 is available in two models. The wide 120-degree flood model is ideal for photos and videos, as well as wide area illumination, and the long-reaching 15-degree spot model is perfect for pointing out objects to other divers, penetrating into crevices, or cutting through murky water.

Benefits to your diving:

Dive photographers and videographers looking to spice up their underwater imagery would be wise to check out the latest offerings of compact light heads, high power with long burn time and versatility that is Sea Dragon lighting.

For additional details about the new line of Sea Dragon lights or to reach your local SeaLife dealer, call toll-free 800-257-7742 or check out