JW Fishers Manufacturing’s SeaOtter-2 and SeaLion-2 Upgrades


JW Fishers Manufacturing's SeaOtter-2 and SeaLion-2 Upgrades

What is it?

Lighting enhancements on two remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) produced by the underwater search equipment manufacturer. Both now come standard with LED (light-emitting diode) lights on the front and rear of the vehicle. Lights on the front of both ROVs have been upgraded from 100-watt quartz halogen bulbs to high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs), each producing 2200 lumens, far more than the halogen bulbs. The intensity of the new lights can be increased or decreased with the push of a button on the surface controller. The new lighting system also employs a single-source COB (chip on board) LED, which emits light from a single plane, eliminating problems experienced with the multi-LED type light source. The color temperature of the new lights is 5000 Kelvin (K); close to the 5500K of natural daylight, and within the recommended range for shooting underwater video.

Benefits to your diving:

Colors are illuminated more accurately with the LEDs than with the warm 3500K temperature of quartz halogen lights. The new lighting enhances picture quality and maintains a constant color temperature throughout the range of illumination intensity, something not possible with the halogen lights. LED lights last longer too. Quartz halogen lights require regular replacement and can be damaged if the ROV is dropped or takes a hard shock. The LED lights last virtually as long as the ROV, rarely if ever needing replacement.

For more information about the lighting upgrades to the SeaOtter-2 and SeaLion-2, or to contact the nearest JW Fishers dealer, go to jwfishers.com or email info@jwfishers.com.