Tektite’s High-Intensity LED Strobes


Tektite's High-Intensity LED Strobes

What is it?

A new line of high-intensity LED (light-emitting diode) strobes for use above and below water that now features dual-function modules. The Tektite® Strobe 3500 XL Expedition, Tektite® Strobe 3500, Tektite® M3 Strobe and the TEKNA® Lite 6 Strobe include the flashing mode, which can be used like a normal strobe. The steady mode can be used for area lighting, as a backup light or as a marker light. The new line offers a higher intensity of light than Tektite’s popular Xenon strobes. The lamp life of each of the new modules is 10,000-plus hours. They will seldom, if ever, need replacement. The new line of strobes ranges from the XL Expedition, considered the brightest, most rugged and shock-resistant of the group and is depth-rated to 2,500 feet (770 m), to the TEKNA Lite 6 Strobe, which at 0.5 pounds (0.3 kg) is light enough to float and is depth-rated to 500 feet (150 m). The entire line is waterproof with double O-ring seals.

Benefits to your diving:

The new line of Tektite strobes accommodates a variety of diving environments.

For more information about the new line of high-intensity LED strobes, or to reach your local Tektite dealer, call 609-656-0600 or go to tek-tite.com.