Seac R Series Dive Lights


Seac R Series Dive Lights

What is it?

Four dive lights offering a variety of qualities: the R10, the biggest and at 900 lumens the most powerful of the four; the slightly smaller R6 at 620 lumens; the R2, a compact light in aluminum housing at 282 lumens; and the R1, compact mono-LED, considered optimal as a secondary light source, at 155 lumens. The R10, R6 and R1 each uses AA alkaline batteries and the R2 operates with AAA batteries. All are depth-rated to 330 feet (100 m) and incorporate a double O-ring seal. Battery life ranges from 70 hours for the R10 to 180 minutes for the R1.

Benefits to your diving:

Whether you need a high-powered underwater light, a compact backup light or prefer the versatility of owning all four, the R Series provides quality options for your underwater exploration.

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