Shearwater’s Perdix


Shearwater's Perdix

What is it?

A dive computer that is 30 percent smaller and holds longer battery life than its predecessor, the Petrel. Dive profile information is displayed on a high-resolution 2.2 inch LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen with enhanced color saturation. The Perdix is also equipped with an integrated bungee mount along with the classic strap mounts, giving Shearwater divers more flexibility on how to wear their computers.

Like the Petrel, the Perdix features several modes, including Open-Circuit Recreational, Open-Circuit Technical, Closed-Circuit fixed PPO2, and Gauge Mode to suit any diving style. Much like its predecessor, the Perdix offers a user-friendly, two-button menu system, 1,000-hour dive log, and free firmware releases with Bluetooth integration. The Perdix uses a AA battery.

Benefits to your diving:

A smaller dive computer means a streamlined dive profile and it still ensures you can quickly find important dive information when you need it most. A longer battery life means less maintenance and lower longterm costs.

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