TUSA’s SF0101 Hyflex Vesna


TUSA's SF0101 Hyflex Vesna

What is it?

A dive fin that is powered by TUSA’s APS (Active Pivoting System) technology, which is a combination of strategically positioned holes that reduces drag while maintaining constant propulsion. With a newly designed multicompound “Comfort Foot Pocket,” the Hyflex Vesna has several features that deliver strong power transfer to the fin blade. TUSA Hyflex Vesna also features new TUSA Direct Reflect technology with advanced reflective material to keep divers visible in low light or at night.

Benefits to your diving:

The APS technology creates a soft kick that produces impressive power. The Direct Reflect technology reflects 180 degrees back to the original light source and provides high visibility in low-light conditions. For more details about the Hyflex Vesna, or to reach the nearest TUSA dealer, call 800-482-2282 or go to tusa.com.