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Cavern Diving: A Beginner’s Guide

You’re gliding into a vast underwater cavern. In the crystal-clear water all around you majestic stalactites hang down from the cavern ceiling like icicles. Cone-shaped stalagmites rise up to meet them. Gnarled tree roots snake through the cavern’s roof to get a drink of water. But wait…you must be dreaming, because you’re only an Open Water-certified diver. You can’t possibly be exploring the inner sanctum of an underwater cavern, because this type of diving is suited for only those expert divers who’ve had a lot of advanced training, right?

An Eight-armed Wonder: The Octopus

Completely motionless, the killer waited in the nighttime shadows as its unsuspecting victim neared. Watching the scene unfold in front of me from only…

Diving Dry: How to Don A Dry Suit

For years I procrastinated about using a dry suit, until a friend, who was tired of hearing me complain about being cold, offered to…

Off the Wall: The Thrill of Wall Diving

When you are referred to as being off the wall, it doesn’t necessarily carry positive connotations. But to scuba divers who have descended over the sheer vertical facades that surround the world’s landmasses — from the largest continents to the tiniest islands — being off the wall is a sensation like no other. My first off-the-wall experience was one I’ll hold dear forever.