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earth’s ocean: The Geology of the Sea

Note: This article is the last of a four-part series that examines the primary disciplines of oceanography. Geological oceanography is a discipline of ocean…

Green Flashes Demystified

Ask a group of people if they’ve ever seen a green flash, and some interesting responses will follow. Some may say a green flash…

Sea Breezes: How Winds Affect Diving

The chance of finding Spanish treasure is one of the bonuses of diving in many places along Florida’s coast. In fact, a few people have become wealthy diving for gold, silver and jewels recovered from the sites of wrecked Spanish ships. Anyone who finds even a single 16th-century coin can thank Mother Nature, especially the wind. The extreme winds of hurricanes and the waves they kick up sank most of the ships from three different Spanish fleets along different parts of Florida’s Coast.

How to Control Seasickness

There are many ways to describe it: tossing your cookies, hugging the porcelain, calling for Ralph or letting out a technicolor yawn. but no…