Bahamas Diving Association Member Update after Hurricane Dorian

NOAA Photo - Hurricane Dorian

The Bahamas Diving Association has heard from all its operators, and the only adversely affected areas are sadly the Abacos and portions of Grand Bahama Island. All the rest of the country’s 32 resorts, dive operators and liveaboards are up and running on their normal dive schedules.

Official updates can be found here and for those with medical training wishing to help, volunteer forms can be found here.

The best way for other divers to help, aside from donating to the Bahamas Red Cross is simply come back. Dive resorts, operators and liveaboards need your business and thousands of dive sites are open with excellent diving.

The Bahamas spirit is strong and those hard hit areas will rebuild. Resiliency is within the Bahamian DNA and as terrible as this hurricane was on portions of the Northern Bahamas, the entire rest of the 100,000-square mile country remains unaffected and open for diving.

The BDA advises travelers to check with your dive operator for any schedule updates or changes before traveling.

### The Bahamas Diving Association (BDA) is the official dive association for The Islands of the Bahamas.

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