Inside the January/February 2020 Issue

In the January/February 2020 issue’s cover feature, “How to Build a Scuba Diver: A Simple Guide to Getting Started” is the ideal article for...

This image portrays Inside the January/February 2020 Issue by Dive Training Magazine | Scuba Diving Skills, Gear, Education.

In the January/February 2020 issue’s cover feature, “How to Build a Scuba Diver: A Simple Guide to Getting Started” is the ideal article for certified divers to use to invite their family and friends to try scuba diving. Also in this issue: Drawing a line between interaction and harassment of marine life, exploring Montserrat, mask clearing and more. Check the issue out in the Dive Training app for an interactive experience.

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How to Build a Scuba Diver: A Simple Guide to Getting Started
By Cathryn Castle Garcia
The cool thing about scuba diving is that, just like LEGO, the diving world consists of interlocking building blocks of courses and equipment designed to turn average terrestrial creatures into amphibious aquatic adventurers, one piece at a time. You can build your scuba skills and experiences according to your own dreams, in a way that suits your budget, schedule and lifestyle. And just like LEGO, scuba diving isn’t a passing fad. It’s yours to build upon for life. This article serves as a primer for future divers on how to get started in the sport.

At the Intersection of People and Wildlife: Drawing the Line Between Interaction and Harassment
By Alex Brylske
Those divers who’ve had some special interaction with marine wildlife often consider the experience magical — or even life-altering. But what are the consequences for the wildlife in question? This article examines all aspects of the often controversial and sometimes contentious issue of defining exactly what constitutes “harassment.”

Sanctuaries at Sea: Southern California’s Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
By Shauna Fry Bingham
Close to the mainland, yet worlds apart, the magnificent and diverse waters of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary encompass the ocean environment and five of the eight California Channel Islands. This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting the National Marine Sanctuary System. The series explores the history, geography, special characteristics and management practices that make each sanctuary a unique destination.


Editorial: Turning Into a Diver
By Cathryn Castle Garcia

Buddy Lines

Say Cheez

Dive Observer: Purple Urchins — More Than A Small Problem
By Betty Orr

No Dumb Questions: Mask Defogging Tips, Improving Air Consumption and the Magic of Bioluminescence
By Robert N. Rossier


Dive Geo: It’s “Hot, Hot, Hot” in Montserrat: Exploring the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean”
By Lois Hatcher

Destination News: What’s happening at diving hotspots
Compiled by Betty Orr

Passport: Dive travel deals from all over
Compiled by Betty Orr

Dive USA: Highlighting North American diving
Compiled by Betty Orr


Scuba Skills: Getting the Water Out: Mastering the Mask Clearing Skill
By Barry and Ruth Guimbellot

Instructor Tips: Making “Team Spirit” a Part of the Plan: Tips for Teaching Expedition Behavior
By Greg Laslo

Always Learning: Blackwater Butterflies: Exploring a Different Kind of Night Diving
By Marty Snyderman

Dive Shop
Compiled by Betty Orr

What’s That?: Different Drummers: The Underwater World of Croakers, Drums, Jackknifes and Highhats
By Marty Snyderman

Behind the Lens: Stalking the Spawners
By Marty Snyderman

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