The Aqua Lung Micromask


The Aqua Lung Micromask

What is it?

The Micromask delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Its patented structure positions the lenses inside the ocular orbit (the natural facial recesses of the eyes). This close proximity of the lenses to the eyes significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining a very low internal volume. The Micromask is effortless to clear and its low profile is ideal for divers that want to reduce in-water drag. Cardanic joint buckles rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out for a customized and pinch-free fit of the wide silicon strap. And the counterposed push button activation makes the strap adjustments fast and holds the strap securely. The silicone material allows the facial skirt to flex and naturally mold around facial contours for a leak-free seal.

Benefits to your diving

The close fitting shape of the Micromask has two benefits. First, it reduces the in-water drag and improves stability when diving in a strong current. And second, its close fit allows easier use of housed cameras by not interfering with the use of a viewfinder.

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