Aqua Lung’s Hydroflex

Aqua Lung's Hydroflex

What is it?

Three-millimeter jumpsuits made from super-stretch neoprene. The men’s look complements Aqua Lung’s Pro HD buoyancy compensator and Core regulator. The women’s black and coral combination is the latest color to hit the reefs. Specifically, the HydroFlex comes in Black/Silver/Arctic, Black/Blue/Yellow, Black/Coral and Black/Twilight. With superstretch neoprene, donning and doffing are a snap. The HydroFlex also comes with a hook and loop adjustable neck, heavy-duty #10 zipper, and flatlocked seams for comfort.

Benefits to your diving:

In addition to attractive colors that make you look good on your dive outings, the superstretch neoprene reduces the effort needed to slip into and out of your dive suit. Warm and comfort are not sacrificed with this stylish addition to the Aqua Lung lineup.

For more details about the HydroFlex or to reach the nearest Aqua Lung dealer, call 760-597-5000 or visit