Henderson Talon Wetsuit

Henderson Talon Wetsuit

What is it?

The Henderson Talon wetsuit is specially designed, modeled on their Special Operations (Spec-Ops) wetsuit used by the United States Coast Guard, U.S. Special Forces and various sectors of the U.S. Armed services. Although Henderson Spec-Ops suits are not available to the public, the Henderson TALON is now available for recreational users.

Each TALON wetsuit is cut, hand glued, assembled and sewn in Henderson’s USA factory using the exact specifications and materials used in their Spec-Ops line. The suits are constructed from Hyperstretch® Thermoprene® Neoprene. This neoprene has been formulated for maximum thermal insulation, minimal compression at depth and returns to its original thickness after prolonged periods at depth. Its 3-mm thickness will provide the thermal properties of a 4/3-mm thick standard neoprene wetsuit. TALON wetsuits must be special ordered and are made one at a time, specifically for the owner. Every suit bears a registration number and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Benefits to your diving

The Talon wetsuit provides extra thermal insulation properties in a thinner material, providing you with warmth on long dives. The durability is set at the same standard that the military demands.

To locate a Henderson retailer, go to hendersonusa.com/dealer-search.