What is it?

Bare Manta Wetsuits are designed for the active youngster. They come in both shortie and full wet suit styles. The shortie is 2-mm thick while the full wet suits range from 3 mm in the torso and 2 mm in the arms to 7 mm in the torso and 6 mm in the arms. They feature a Bare-SkinTM chest plate to increase warmth, heavy-duty back zippers with skin-to-skin internal sealing flap; a loop at base of zipper to assist in donning; internal skin-in flip seals at mid-forearm and mid-calf to reduce water entry; FormtekTM kneepads provide flexibility, durability and comfort; anatomically correct pattern for three dimensional fit throughout; double glued with Secure-LockTM construction and, in the full wet suits, heavy-duty ankle zippers for easy donning.

The Manta also has stretch properties for comfort and comes in a wide variety of designs and colors that will appeal to kids.

Benefits to your diving:

The naturally buoyant properties of neoprene adds a safety factor for your young swimmers, although it cannot be used solely as floatation device. The suit is also great for protection from ultraviolet rays and can safeguard against abrasions.

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