Waterproof W50 Wetsuit

Waterproof W50 Wetsuit

What is it?

A 5-millimeter dive suit for use in temperate waters and the latest installment in the Waterproof Sports Series of dive suits. The W50 full suit features gender-specific design, WPAD (Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock) for expandable pockets, reinforced shoulders, seat, and knees. It also has a sturdy PK #10 Zipper in the back with a molded PU Velcro Tab that only sticks to the designed Velcro area. Zippers on the legs allow easy donning. Constructed of UltraFlex Neoprene for a snug-fitting suit with minimal water flow, the W50 provides divers with a warm, comfortable dive.

The Waterproof Sports Series started two years ago with Waterproof’s W30 tropical suit. The new W50 is highly recommended for temperate waters, and is not considered a tropical water suit. Waterproof says that a good rule for less experienced travelers is to ask local dive instructors for the thickness of the dive suit they wear.

Benefits to your diving

If you dive in temperate waters and not the warmer tropical climes, the Waterproof 50 may be perfect for your diving. Women and men will like the gender-specific design, and the snug fit, while still being a dive suit that is easy to doff and don.

For additional details about the W50, or to contact the nearest Waterproof dealer, call 800-482-2282 or check out waterproofusa.com.